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Government Approvals


IYT Course/Government Approvals

IYT Master of Yachts courses have been approved by the British Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) since 1998 for use on board all Red Ensign registered Yachts up to 200 gross tons.

Although the courses were specifically designed for use on Red Ensign Yachts, they are now accepted by many other flag states because of their prestigious MCA recognition.

The Marshall Islands shipping registry has also accepted the IYT Master of Yachts certificates. The MCA and the Marshall Islands represent the two largest yacht registries in the world.

It is imperative that holders of IYT certificates check with the flag state for which they wish to work or the port authority/maritime authority in which they wish to operate to ensure they will accept your certificate.

Various other governments have recognised IYT certificates including, but not limited to: Croatia, Lativa, Poland, The Lebanon, Cayman Islands Shipping Registry and U.A.E.