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Recreational Yachting

If you have a passion for yachting and boating and want to enhance your knowledge and skills, IYT Worldwide partner schools can help you achieve your goals. Boating excursions will become a more enjoyable experience having gained full confidence that you have the necessary knowledge in safety, navigation, passage planning, meteorology and boat handling.

Careers In Yachting

Professional yachting is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers in the world. Crew members working on board magnificent yachts are able to travel the globe in the most luxurious of surroundings. They visit the world’s most beautiful destinations that most others merely dream of, and do so in the company of fun-loving people. Let us guide you in a career in this magnificent industry.

Why Choose IYT?

IYT is the most internationally accredited global leader and trusted standard of excellence in Yacht Training, Maritime Certification, Safety, Knowledge & Sailing Adventures. IYT operates more boating and sailing courses with more government approvals through more sailing schools, in more countries and in more languages than any other boating or sailing organization in the world. Its founders represent 40 years of industry leadership and experience. 24 jurisdictions worldwide and a growing number of maritime associations recognize IYT certification. Over 250 schools in 56 countries (as of March 2017) have adopted the IYT curriculum.

Course Fees

Please note that IYT does not dictate what individual schools charge for training or examinations and has no involvement with financial transactions between schools and students.

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