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Unauthorised Schools and Other Entities

Because IYT Worldwide is the internationally accredited global leader and most trusted standard in yacht training and certification, there exist a small number of schools and instructors who claim to be certified by IYT when, in fact, they are not. As a globally recognised brand, we work to maintain a high standard of excellence and encourage our network to help identify and deter fraudulent schools and instructors.

Any school included on our website meets the standards and certification requirements of IYT Worldwide. All IYT instructors are provided with IYT branded certificates upon completion of their training, which you can ask to see. If you are ever concerned that your school or instructor may be unauthorised, please contact us to confirm their status.

If in doubt about the authenticity of any nautical certification, please do not hesitate to contact IYT headquarters at [email protected]

Organisation "IYTA" (International Yacht Training Academy) - believed to have been created to confuse the market

May 2015

International Yacht Training Worldwide is a Federally registered Canadian Company (Nov 2007) and was originally founded by Capt. Mark Fry in the United States in December 2002.  The company has been trading as IYT since its inception. 

It has been brought to our attention that a company called  “International Yacht Training Academy” is also registered in Canada and trading as IYTA.  This company is registered to a Mr. Jim (Cumhur) Gokova from Turkey and is not affiliated or associated with IYT Worldwide in any way. We believe Mr. Gokova is deliberately attempting to infringe on the good name and reputation  of “International Yacht Training Worldwide” by issuing certificates in the name of his company “IYTA”.  This is possibly because his previous company “International Sailing School” had its IYT Partner School status permanently withdrawn and Mr. Gokova also had his IYT instructor and examiner qualifications permanently withdrawn on September 12th 2011. Mr. Gokova was engaged in activities that were in serious breach of the legal terms of a contract between IYT Worldwide and Mr. Gokova.

Mr. Gokova is currently issuing boating qualifications( May 2015) in the name of “IYTA” and many students have contacted IYT head office here in Canada asking if they are genuine IYT Worldwide certificates which obviously they are not. This is causing unnecessary hardship and financial loss for students who spent their money assuming that they are getting a genuine IYT certificate from IYT Worldwide.

Please be advised that Mr. Jim (Cumhur) Gokova and his company International Yacht Training Academy (IYTA) have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with International Yacht Training Worldwide.  Should you require any additional information concerning Mr. Jim Gokova or his company please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected] or +1 778 477 5668.

Capt. Mark Fry

Individuals implying they are IYT Worldwide and have issued or may have issued fraudulent certificates:

Aysegul Yildiz – We believe she is in Istanbul, Turkey and we are continuing to research
Oleg Kalinin – We believe he attends Marmaris International Race Week held in Turkey every year and sells fake IYT certificates to the participants 

Schools that have had their IYT membership withdrawn and can no longer operate as IYT partner schools:

Aventura Yachting Club – Moscow, Russia
Go Pro Cayman (Go Pro Diving)
Go Sailing.RU
Gokova Yachting Academy – Romania
International Sailing School – Marmaris, Turkey
International Yachting School of Israel
International Yachtmaster Training – Istanbul, Turkey
Med Sea School – Spain
Nautical School – Ukraine
Sailing School Veter
SailQuest Sailing School – Thailand
Valentin Private Yacht School – Valentin Rakutin, Cyprus
Yacht Captain’s Club – Moscow, Russia and Tivat, Montenegro

Schools/Companies implying they have IYT membership but are not approved member schools:

Aventura Plus (Belgium)
Berozy Yachting/Alex Zyytkov
Bravo Sailing (Turkey)
Brig Club/Natalya Kabirova
Global Tech Quest (Qatar)
IYT Southern Cross / Oleg Kalinin (Turkey & Russia)
Mopexog (Ukraine)
Red Sail (Montenegro) 
Russian Sailing School (Russia)
Sportbootführerschein Kaufen
U Experience (China)
World of the Winds – also trading as Wowcharter & Moscow School of Yachting
Oceanis Yacht Charter
SailBreeze / Mr. Roland Choy (Pattaya Area – Thailand )

Instructors who have had their IYT instructor status withdrawn and are no longer authorised to teach IYT courses or who may be falsely professing to hold valid IYT instructor certificates:

Alan Goldsborough-Pike
Alex Zyytkov Berozy
Alexandr Goron
Alexandr Kaznadey
Alexandra Levrenyuk
Alexey Safronov
Alexey Tikhonov
Alexi Zhitkov (date of birth 21-Jun-1969)
Ali El-Sayegh
Anatoly Bolshakov
Ash McKnight
Dmitry Darovskikh
Irina Fedorova
Jim (Cumhur) Gokova
Konstantin Zhukov
Michael French
Mark Warren Christiansen
Sergey Shumilov
Tarek Metwalli Hassan Ramadan
Thomas Bicharzon
Tim McMahon 
Tolga Gokova
Veronique Claus / with Aventura Plus
Vinod Bondi
Vladimir Sinyakov
Walter B Schredl (aka Wally Schredl)

Organisations that are not affiliated with IYT:

IYTA Vancouver Canada (Mr.Jim Gokova)
International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA)
International Sail & Power Academy (ISPA)
International Crew Training (ICT) U.S.A.

The following individuals have been attempting to use false IYT certificates not issued by IYT:

Ahmet Alkan Celik
Alexander Metelsky
Alexander Bahn
Aleksandr Morozov
Aleksandr Timoshchuk

Ali Hidir Akdemir
Ali Sayar
Aleksey Bykov
Andreas Schmidt
Artem Khachina
Bayram Yavuz
Bekir Karakus
Bernhard Schoeggl
Bohdan Lutski
Christian Cibulka
Denis Sorokin
Denys Khatkov
Devon Levi Hilaire
Dmitry Kurochkin (DOB:25/06/1981)
Dmytro Fedorenko
Durmus Kose
Edgardo Encomendero Fernandez
Emrah Kayikci
Engin Unlu
Erkan Sarlak
Elena Kharitonova
Erdinc Simsek
Evgeniy Bodnariuk
Fatih Hendem
Fedor Gonin
Giovanni Surdo
Giuseppe Lapadula
Gokay Kayacan
Hakan Engin
Halit Engin
Hasan Tuncer
Hennadii Kurtohlu
Ilia Rukhadze
Imad Chayeb
Jan Coufal
Kurt Ozcan
Levent Gorduk
Luca Grassetti
Luis Hernandez Monje
Maximillian Kahunya Riedl
Mikhei Shestakov
Mustafa Kemal Vural
Niko Vukelic
Nikola Joy Yeo
Normunds Rodionovs
Nugzar Mamaiashvili
Olivier Ferec
Ramazan Akbulut
Ramazan Omak
Rajesh Mani
Ricardo Daccache
Ruslan Ganeev
Sayin Candan
Sergejes Gavrilovs
Sily Alain
Soliman Aadel
Tarek Khalil
Tufan Cay
Ugo Accurso
Ugur ISA Tuncoku
Volodymyr Volkovskyi
Watson Jonathan Marshall
Yaron Aharon Yamin
Yavuz Duymac
Yevhen Arabadzhyi
Yigit Eren Gokburun
Yulia Engin
Yuri Kochergin
Yurii Bakhariev
Zekeriya Gundogar This is not an official IYT website, and all certificates listed on this page are fraudulent and unauthorized.

Beware of organisations claiming their ICCs comply with Resolution 40

Additionally, a number of training organisations are issuing “International Certificates of Competency” (ICC) and “International Proficiency Certificates,” which they claim are required for chartering in European waters. Please note that only ICC’s that have approval from government bodies are the “official ICCs’” that comply with Resolution 40 of the European Act and the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

The ISSA offers a “Master of Yachts” certificate which has nothing whatsoever to do with the IYT Master of Yachts certificates that are recognised by the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for working on commercial Yachts

The ISPA (Academy) issued “ICC” certificates which are not Resolution 40 certificates for use in the UNECE Region.

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