International Yacht Training Worldwide

Unauthorised Schools and Other Entities


Because IYT Worldwide is the internationally accredited global leader and most trusted standard in yacht training and certification, there exist a small number of schools and instructors who claim to be certified by IYT when, in fact, they are not. As a globally recognised brand, we work to maintain a high standard of excellence and encourage our network to help identify and deter fraudulent schools and instructors.

Any school included on our website meets the standards and certification requirements of IYT Worldwide. All IYT instructors are provided with IYT branded certificates upon completion of their training, which you can ask to see. If you are ever concerned that your school or instructor may be unauthorised, please contact us to confirm their status.


Mr. Walter B Schredl (aka Wally Schredl)
Wally Schredl was terminated as an employee of International Yacht Training in Sept 2016. It has come to our attention that he has been in contact with numerous nautical administrations and organisations with the apparent intention of damaging the reputation of IYT and its founder Capt. Mark Fry. He has made allegations and accusations that are unfounded and untruthful. We believe that this is motivated by his termination and IYT has initiated a legal action against Mr. Schredl for defamation.

It has also been brought to our attention that Mr. Schredl may be trying to secure employment or contract work in the maritime industry by representing himself with certain IYT Master of Yachts and IYT instructor qualifications that he is not authorised to hold.

Further, Mr. Schredl is not authorised to represent IYT in any manner or in any capacity. If you have anything you wish to report concerning Mr. Schredl please contact Mark Fry at [email protected]

Individuals implying they are IYT Worldwide and have issued or may have issued fraudulent certificates:

Aysegul Yildiz – We believe she is in Istanbul, Turkey and we are continuing to research

Schools that have had their IYT membership withdrawn and can no longer operate as IYT partner schools:

Valentin Private Yacht School – Valentin Rakutin, Cyprus
Med Sea School – Spain
International Sailing School Marmaris – Turkey
International Yachtmaster Training -Istanbul, Turkey
International Yachting School of Israel
Gokova Yachting Academy – Romania
Go Sailing.RU
Sailing School Veter
Nautical School Ukraine

Schools implying they have IYT membership but are not approved member schools:

Aventura Plus
U Experience (China)
Mopexog (Ukraine)
Take Wind Group

Brig Club/Natalya Kabirova
Berozy Yachting/Alex Zyytkov

Instructors who have had their IYT instructor status withdrawn and are no longer authorised to teach IYT courses or who may be falsely professing to hold valid IYT instructor certificates:

Walter B Schredl (aka Wally Schredl)
Veronique Claus / with Aventura Plus
Alan Goldsborough-Pike
Michael French
Jim (Cumhur) Gokova
Tolga Gokova
Atilla Gokova
Konstantin Zhukov
Irina Fedorova
Anatoly Bolshakov
Alexey Tikhonov
Dmitry Darovskikh
Alexey Safronov
Alexandra Levrenyuk
Alex Zyytkov Berozy
Alexi Zhitkov (date of birth 21-Jun-1969)
Alexandr Kaznadey
Sergey Shumilov

Organisations that are not affiliated with IYT:

IYTA Vancouver Canada (Mr.Jim Gokova)
International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA)
International Sail & Power Academy (ISPA)
International Crew Training (ICT) U.S.A.

The following individuals have been attempting to use false IYT certificates not issued by IYT:

Imad Chayeb
Bykov Alexey
Yurii Bakhariev
Ramazan Akbulut
Engin Unlu
Emrah Kayikci
Devon Levi Hilaire
Ozcan Kurt
Ali Sayar
Niko Vukelic
Selim Akturk
Ugur ISA Tuncoku
Olivier Ferec
Mustafa Kemal Vural
Zekeriya Gundogar
Durmus Kose
Ali Hidir Akdemir
Erkan Sarlak
Jan Coufal
Christian Cibulka

Additionally, a number of training organisations are issuing “International Certificates of Competency” (ICC) and “International Proficiency Certificates,” which they claim are required for chartering in European waters. Please note that only ICC’s that have approval from government bodies are the “official ICCs'” that comply with Resolution 4 of the European Act and the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

The ISSA offers a “Master of Yachts” certificate which has nothing whatsoever to do with the IYT Master of Yachts certificates that are recognised by the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for working on commercial Yachts

The ISPA (Academy) issued “ICC” certificates which are not Resolution 40 certificates for use in the UNECE Region.

If in doubt about the authenticity of any nautical certification, please do not hesitate to contact IYT headquarters at [email protected]