Since its inception in 2002, International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT) has been committed to delivering the world's most advanced sailing education and sailing certification program. Deeply rooted in the professional and recreational marine industry, IYT's founders represent over 30 years of seafaring and yachting leadership and experience — imparting equal parts passion and proficiency.

IYT has established a tradition of distinction and innovation as the global leader and most trusted international standard of excellence in yacht training, maritime certification and sailing adventures. With the most internationally recognized boating qualifications worldwide, the organization has been adopted and endorsed by the world's leading regulatory authorities representing the gold standard for marine training; we have a fully approved and internationally recognized BSI QMS in place.

International Marine Achievements

Perfectly refined, IYT's superiority has been reflected in achievements such as attaining ISO 9001 — the highest level of internationally recognized and sanctioned best practices, and the only yacht certification company to hold this designation. All of our Master of Yachts Examiners are professional mariners, while every IYT certificate is numbered, controlled and issued from IYT headquarters in Canada.

With an unparalleled network of global training centres, we maintain consistent procurement of international yacht training schools so candidates can be educated globally. We've acquired over 200 licensed partner schools in 54 countries, which represent the gold standard in safety, marine training credentials and fun at sea. Our partner schools are discovering the holistic benefits of being part of an increasingly recognized global brand with an up-to-date quality training model, relevant to the current industry trends and legislation.

Worldwide Training

We offer 38 nautical courses in multiple languages, incorporating a practical applied approach, delivered in an international modular format at any IYT partner school. Subsequent modules can be completed with any of our partner schools worldwide, designed to meet the training needs from entry-level novices to fully qualified professional yacht captains. No other nautical company has 62 international Government approvals for its courses. Additionally, IYT is approved by the Marshall Islands Shipping Registry to appoint schools to teach STCW Basic Safety Training courses.

Our compliance with the IMO convention for Basic Safety Training, a strong quality management system, professional maritime instructors and stringent auditing requirements has positioned us as the chief authority of standardizing international yacht training throughout the world.


IYT Worldwide offers an entire range of recreational courses from entry level sailing and powerboat courses up to International Bareboat Skipper and Yachtmaster Ocean.


Professional yachting courses like Master of Yachts Coastal/ Mate 200 Tons, Master of Yachts Limited and Unlimited, Superyacht Chef and Professional Superyacht Hospitality, are just a few of what we offer.


IYT is one of the only yacht training organizations in the world to provide a Diveboat Mate / Crew certificate and Diveboat Master certificate for use in the diving industry.

The Number One Choice For

Nautical Training

IYT is the only organization to offer such a diverse range of nautical training, and the only company in the world that has authority to issue ICC's on behalf of two different Governments. The insistence on completion of all aspects of the IYT courses ensures individuals develop the skills and competencies to the highest levels of international boating standards.

International Yacht Training operates more boating courses with more Government approvals, through more schools, in more countries and in more languages than any other boating organization in the world.

Mark Fry
Mark Fry Founder and Managing Director IYT World