The IYT Superyacht Training

A career in the Superyacht industry provides an unparalleled experience at sea. Wether you are starting out as crew on a superyacht or qualifying to become a Skipper of one of these magnificent ships it all starts with your training at IYT.

IYT Worldwide offers a broad range of Superyacht course that feature both theory and practical elements. This provides a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements needed to work in this industry.

Opportunities exist for a wide range of positions in this yachting sector. Crew is required for Hospitality, Chef, Diving, Wine & Food Services, Housekeeping, Cleaning and Safety. Working on a Superyacht will result in visiting locations that you could only dream of.


A Career of Adventure

Through training and certification you can become one of the privileged few that enters the world of the super rich and their yachting adventures. Most superyachts have a crew to guest ration of 1 to 1 or higher. This provides a tremendous opportunity to travel the world during peak holiday times on the most luxurious means possible. Superyacht crew earn above average wages and the perks are simply superb.

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Professional Training

IYT Worldwide offers a wide range of professional courses for students wanting to work in the superyacht industry. These include STWC safety courses, small power boat, Personal Watercraft, Crew, Hospitality, Chef, Basic first aid and Fire prevention among others.

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Superyacht Training Schools

IYT Worldwide has a select group of international schools providing training for the Superyacht industry. Please visit our Partner School pages to view our schools that offer these courses.  Schools also provide training for Instructors interested in upgradfing their skills and teach new courses in Superyacht Deck Crew, Interior Crew, Hospitality, SCW, Chef, Diveboat and other positions.

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Become a Partner School

We welcome your application and trust you will find working with our organisation and network of partner schools a wonderful and lucrative experience.

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