Sailor Tattoos and Meaning

Sailor Tattoos – What these historic tattoos mean tells and interesting story! Over the years many sailor tattoos have taken on significant meaning and some tattoos taking on more than one. Here is a list of famous tattoos from the like of tattoo artists like Sailor Jerry and others. Pig & Rooster The Pig and Rooster tattoos …

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Sailing the Black Sea

Sailing in Sochi – The New Hot Spot With the Russian resort city of Sochi gaining tremendous exposure from the 2014 Winter Olympics it is no wonder that this beautiful part of the Black Sea has become a hot destination. Often described as the pearl of the Russian Riviera Sochi is Russia’s top sea resort with …

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Traveling in the Bermuda Triangle

High Seas Survival In One of the World’s Most Treacherous Oceans The famous Bermuda Triangle delivered a harrowing tale of survival. Read about Captain Fry’s experiences sailing to Bermuda, and the huge challenges he and his crew faced as the weather changed for the worst and the seas got ugly. Just another example of the …

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