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IYT is very pleased to announce the launch of its custom yacht division!

IYT Catalina 445 Sailboat

This endeavor is in association with Catalina Yachts in Florida and Bavaria Yachts in Germany. IYT’s Founder and Managing Director, Mark Fry, has spent many years at sea and many years teaching boating courses. He recognises the need for an interior design more conducive to housing students who have only just met and who feel more comfortable having privacy while onboard. The less stress students feel about their environment the better the learning experience will be! So, IYT has come up with a very unique concept of single berth design cabins specifically for training and chartering. Catalina will be providing IYT with the Sailboat and Bavaria Yachts with the Powerboat.

For further information on the IYT Custom Yacht Division please contact Mark Fry at [email protected].

The IYT version will also come with single berths in multiple cabins as depicted in this drawing.

Please note that the IYT edition will come with a three slab reefing mainsail and not a roller reef mainsail as depicted in this video.


IYT Catalina

IYT Bavaria 44 Powerboat

The Research

IYT market research has indicated the urgent need for sail and power vessels that have single berths that can be used exclusively for sail training and/or chartering for single groups of people and families with children or teenagers & their friends.

Currently, (April 2017) there are no manufacturers of either power or sail boats that are producing boats specifically for this market. Most yachts have two or three double cabins with double beds in each of them which are totally unsuitable for singles training and or chartering with families. If one wishes to charter a boat that can accommodate multiple single berths, this can only be found on sailboats in excess of 55′ and powerboats in excess of 70′.

Further research has indicated that the IYT partner schools can substantially increase their revenues if they had boats with multiple single berths available to them. Case in point is a partner school in Canada that currently charters a boat with 3 double cabins and offers the students a cabin to themselves if they pay a $250 supplement. At $2,000 per week with only 3 students for a 5 day live-aboard course, this generates $6,750 per week (including the single occupancy cabin supplement, the instructor sleeps on the couch).

If the yacht had 5 single berths for 5 students at $2,000 each this would generate $10,000 per week, an additional $3,250 over their current income. Over a sailing season of approximately 16 weeks this is an astonishing $52,000 in additional seasonal revenue. Many schools in warmer climates operate for approximately 30 weeks per year which would amount to additional revenue of 30 x $3,250 or $97,500.

According to our schools, families often charter with their children & their friends but the children often have to sleep in the cockpit as there are no beds available for them, teenagers will generally not share small beds so this is obviously a very unsuitable arrangement.

Some of our schools rely on “single” sailing student bookings thru the IYT “Singles for sail, Women for sail, Doctors for sail & Lawyers for sail” program. Single berths is a “must” for this.

IYT Bavaria
IYT Bavaria
IYT Bavaria
IYT Bavaria
IYT Bavaria
IYT Bavaria