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Sailing the Black Sea

Sailing in Sochi – The New Hot Spot

With the Russian resort city of Sochi gaining tremendous exposure from the 2014 Winter Olympics it is no wonder that this beautiful part of the Black Sea has become a hot destination. Often described as the pearl of the Russian Riviera Sochi is Russia’s top sea resort with more than 4 million visitors a year.

Peak season is between May and September with celebrities, jet setters and politicians converging on this beautiful stretch of coastline beside the impressive Caucasus Mountains. Events recently included the International Tall Ships and the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix. The city at 43°34’34.738″ N 39°43’42.186″ E is situated along the same longitude as Barcelona and has a beautiful subtropical climate. At approximately 345,000 residence it features a wonderful nightlife, beaches, parks, mineral baths & spas, resorts, hotels and restaurants. There are many local attractions apart from the sailing in Sochi and include;

  • Stalin’s summer home
  • The beautiful Arboretum park with over 1500 species of trees
  • The Vorontsovskaya Cave which feature well lit pathways through impressive stalagmites
  • The 8 meter high Lenin Mosaic near Park Riviera
  • The Sochi Art Museum in the beautiful Stalinist Era building
  • St Michael’s Cathedral

Tourist hot spots for nightlife and entertainment include the opera, ballet and plays at the beautiful Winter Theatre and open air concerts at the Summer Theatre. The sea side Festival Hall host many top acts from the Russian pop scene. For a drink and a bite to eat consider Fregat with its live bands and Stargorod, a three story brewery restaurant with excellent Black Sea views.

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