Welcome to the International Standard for Recreational Yachting.

IYT offers modular training courses from absolute beginner to Yachtmaster Ocean. As a candidate progresses through the training programme the school Principal where a course has been completed will apply a gold seal to the final page of each module in an IYT Passport book (see module details below).

Introduction to yachting

This is a fun single module of 1 day duration designed to introduce a beginner to the sport of Yachting. This is the first step for everyone who is considering Yachting as a career or pastime. The practical component can be taken on either a sailboat or powerboat.

International crew certificate modules 1 - 11

These modules, both theory and practical, give a basic understanding of the knowledge that is required to be an active crew member on board a yacht either power or sail.

VHF radio operator/communications certificate module 12

This course covers general rules for the use and operation of VHF radios, what to do in the case of an emergency and an introduction to other marine communications equipment. Radio operator qualifications from a recognised issuing authority will be accepted in lieu of this module.

International bareboat captain/skipper theory modules 13 - 25

Minimum entry level required for this certificate - candidates are required to have logged a total of 200 nautical miles and 10 days at sea, before advancing to the International Bareboat Captain/Skipper Certificate. This is a certificate of excellence for those candidates who wish to take command of their own yachts confidently and safely or for those who wish to safely charter a small Yacht for their family vacation. IYT will accept prior learning from other recognized Yachting establishments for those who wish to apply for recognition towards the International Bareboat Captain/Skipper Certificate Examination.

International bareboat captain/skipper practical examination

This module will be a review of everything learned to date and will be composed of both a theory and a practical on board examination which must be successfully completed before the final certificate is issued.

Yachtmaster coastal (recreational) 1 week course module 27

Minimum entry level required for this certificate - candidates are required to have logged a total of 800 nautical miles and 25 days at sea, including 8 hours on watch at night underway, before qualifying for entry to the YACHTMASTER Coastal Certificate. The Coastal Certification is of vital importance because it is a globally recognised measure of competency for taking command of recreational power and sail vessels. This certification not only makes yachting a pleasure, but also a safer pursuit for all those who wish to participate. The course provides the highest standard of maritime education for the professional and recreational yachtsman and woman and provides a vastly increased level of confidence in their ability to handle a yacht following the intensive level of on the water training. This certificate cannot be upgraded for commercial use.
Yachtmaster Coastal Examination – 1 day

Yachtmaster offshore theory - (recreational) 6 days module 28

Minimum entry level required for this certificate - candidates are required to have logged a total of 3000 nautical miles and 50 days at sea, including 12 hours on watch at night underway, before qualifying for entry to the to the Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. The Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate is a recreational 200 ton certificate for operating Yachts up to 150 nautical miles offshore. The programme is an extensive theory and practical based course designed to provide the highest standards of maritime education for both yachtsman and woman. It is an intensive course designed for experienced crew with sufficient on the water experience.
This certificate cannot be upgraded for commercial use.
Yachtmaster Offshore Limited Examination – (Recreational) 1 day

Yachtmaster offshore practical - (recreational) 5 days module 29

This is the practical section of the Yachtmaster Offshore training program and has the Yachtmaster offshore theory training as a prerequisite.

Yachtmaster ocean theory - (recreational) 6 days module 30

Minimum entry level required for this certificate –Yachtmaster Offshore or recognised equivalent before qualifying for entry to the to the Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate.
The Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate is a recreational 200 ton Masters Certificate of Competency for operating yachts globally. The certificate is a qualification that indicates that the holder has sufficient knowledge of celestial navigation, to navigate globally using a sextant and to plan, undertake and manage an ocean passage, together with a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved with regard to routing and meteorology/weather matters.
This certificate cannot be upgraded for commercial use.

International Certificate of Competency (ICC)

The ICC is now required for operators of most vessels on both inland and coastal waters in a large part of the European Community. Candidates who successfully complete the modules required to obtain the International Bareboat Skipper may be awarded the ICC. Please note that each school must be approved by IYT Worldwide to offer the ICC to their students. OnlyIYT schools that have been audited or inspected and in good standing with IYT can offer the ICC. We are always happy to consider new school applications to offer this course.The ICC is a certificate confirming that an individual is competent to the level required to meet the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Inland Water Committee (UN ECE IWC) Resolution 40.

Become a Professional

Yachtsman seeking a career in professional boating are required to complete the following a widerange of training. This includes: STCW ‘95 Basic safety training courses at a recognised nautical training facility. STCW Stands for "Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeepers". These courses include both theory and practical elements:

  • 2 days of Basic Marine Firefighting
  • 1 day of Elementary First Aid
  • 1 day of Basic Sea Survival
  • 1 day of Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • 1 day of Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness

These modules are recommended for everyone who goes boating whether professional or recreational. They emphasize SAFETY and all crew are encouraged to participate. The courses give a detailed understanding of what to do in the event of marine emergencies.

Those participants in the sailing programme will need to spend additional time learning and developing the additional skills required to handle a sailboat safely and effectively. As a student progresses through the IYT training programmes, the “depth of knowledge” required for each module will increase.

Students seeking a professional IYT Master of Yachts (MOY) Certificate of Competency (COC) must take the course/s at an IYT Worldwide partner school approved to teach professional courses. These must be taught and examined in English to comply with approval regulations. It is not possible to upgrade to professional MOY Certificates from the recreational Yachtmaster courses. Anyone wishing to do so must complete the entire Master of Yachts courses in English, including all examinations.