As a new school you will benefit from access to the best yacht training programme in the world, with courses designed to meet the training needs from entry level novices to fully qualified professional yacht captains.

You will also benefit from being part of an increasingly recognized global brand with a direct link from to your school website.

22 reasons why schools choose to join IYT:

  1. IYT is a Worldwide recognised brand.
  2. New schools from all over the world join every week.
  3. IYT currently has almost 200 partner schools in 52 countries.
  4. Our commitment to standards of excellence, hands on practical training and quality instruction have made IYT Worldwide the world's number one choice for nautical training.
  5. No other nautical company in the world is as internationally recognised as IYT Worldwide.
  6. No other nautical company has 60 international Government approvals for its courses.
  7. No other organisation offers such a diverse range of nautical training.
  8. IYT has a proven track record of 17 years in business.
  9. IYT is the only company in the world that has authority to issue ICC's on behalf of 2 different Governments.
  10. IYT is the only yacht certification company that has as ISO 9001, internationally recognised Quality Management System.
  11. Companies that join IYT substantially increase their revenues and customer base.
  12. IYT has developed an international modular format of standardised training.
  13. Initial and subsequent modules can be completed with any one of our partner schools anywhere in the world.
  14. Students can if they wish, begin training, for example, in Croatia and complete training in Australia.
  15. All schools teach to the same syllabus with the same course materials and standards.
  16. As a recreational IYT school you may offer your candidates an International Certificate of Competency (ICC) through IYT Worldwide and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency of Great Britain (MCA).
    • The ICC is required to operate pleasure craft in most European waters.
    • IYT is currently the only organisation approved to issue the ICC to citizens of all countries.
  17. The company offers an entire range of recreational courses from entry level sailing and powerboat courses up to Yachtmaster Ocean celestial navigation.
  18. IYT courses are available in multiple languages so your candidates may train and study using their native language.
  19. IYT offers professional government approved yachting courses such as Basic STCW Training and MCA Approved Master of Yachts,
  20. We work in cooperation with the PADI Dive Organization and are pleased to introduce a new Dive Boat Captain Program.
  21. Our Professional Yachting courses are recognised by 25 different Governments worldwide for commercial use, including the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA),
  22. IYT has recently started a new division ( International Maritime Training) to train Military Special Forces and Marine Police.