What does it cost to be an IYT school?

In terms of costs there some initial application/set up fees and thereafter membership and certification fees. These are the broad heading:

  • Membership & Audit Fees
  • Instructor Registration
  • Course Costs & Certificates

Membership & Audit Fees

New schools joining IYT pay an application fee ranging from $50 to $250. The size of the fee depends on the range of courses taught & types of vessels used. Those schools applying for Professional status have to be physically inspected prior to gaining approval to join IYT. The cost of the inspection must be paid prior to the initial visit. We try and keep these costs to a minimum.

Thereafter annual membership dues range from $100 to $1,500 again depending on the range of courses delivered.

All IYT schools are subject to periodic audits to ensure that they are complying with appropriate standards. Schools pay for the audits, but we attempt to keep costs to a minimum and spread them across a number of schools in the region. It's very hard for us to be specific about how frequently audits will take place and exactly what they will cost. We have to reserve the right to visit schools at anytime, but also realise that it wouldn't make sense to burden schools with excessive compliance costs.

Instructor Registration/Membership

All schools need to have at least one registered instructor. Only registered instructors can deliver IYT courses. They may also order IYT certificates for the students they have trained successfully.

Instructors pay an initial processing fee of between $20 and $50. They also pay for their initial certificates which will include an instructor card and the appropriate underlying certificates of competency. For example, a recreational instructor would be issued a "Recreational Instructor Certificate" plus the relevant underlying certificates i.e. a Bareboat Skipper certificate, a VHF certificate and an ICC. Bundled pricing is applied so that typically an instructor would pay in the region of $200. This would also include their first year membership dues.

Thereafter, to remain in good standing instructors would have to undertake any required further professional development training and pay an annual membership subscription of between $50 and $150. The cost is based on the range of courses covered and the depth of knowledge required.

School Application & Membership Fees
Annual Membership Fee Annual Membership Fee Additional (satellite location)
IYT Watersports Training Affiliate (Kiosk, Yacht Club, Marina< Yacht/Boat Dealer $50 $100 $25
IYT Diveboat School (to Coxswain) $50 $250 $75
IYT Recreational Training Provider (to International Bareboat Skipper or ICC) $100 $300 $100
IYT Recreational Training Center (to Yachtmaster Offshore/Ocean) $100 $600 $150
IYT Training School (Superyacht Hospitality, Chef, and/or Crew and Small Powerboat Rib Master) $100 $500 $150
IYT Instructor Training Center $150 $800 $200
IYT Professional Training Center (Master if Yachts, Diveboat Master, STCW $250 $1,500 $500

Please note that effective April 1, 2016 all invoices will be in USD

Instructor Application & Membership Fees
Annual Membership Fee Annual Membership Fee
Speciality Instructor (Dinghy, PWC, ICC Assessor, Boat Inspector $20 $50
Recreational Instructor (includes Dive, up to Yahctmaster Offshore/Ocean) $25 $75
Professional Instructor $50 $150
ICC Endorsement for any Instructor $50 -
Additional Instructor Endorsements applied for & granted $50 -

Please note that effective April 1, 2016 all invoices will be in USD

Course Costs & Certificates

The cost of courses and certificates is ranges between $15 for an entry level certificate to $400 for professional courses. Almost all certificates are photo based, credit card style and come with enhanced security features such as holograms and QR codes.

Certificates can be ordered and paid for online. The price includes the cost of airmail direct to the student.