IYT offers two types of Partner Schools.

New Schools / Start-ups

  • Complete and submit the IYT Partner School Application Form. Please provide all legal business names address's & locations that you intend to operate from.
  • Upon receipt of your application a member of the IYT training board will contact you to discuss your membership requirements and how we can best assist you with your application to join IYT Worldwide.

Existing Schools

If you are an existing school with a membership in another training organisation such as the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Yachting Australia (YA), American Sailing Association (ASA) or other organisation then you need to submit the following:

  • Complete and submit the IYT Partner School application form.
  • Upon Application approval you will be asked to complete a formal School Registration Form. You will require photographs of your facilities, classroom, staff, instructors and boats for evaluation.
  • To register your Instructors you will be required to complete the¬†instructor application forms for each instructor you intend to teach IYT courses.

Note: Instructor qualifications from other organisations will be taken on a "case by case " basis and will be evaluated on experience, qualifications, logged nautical miles and the number of years of instructing.

IYT Instructor qualifications will be issued at an appropriate equivalency level. Please provide translations (where appropriate) for documents that are not in the English language.

  • All new Instructors will be required to undergo online instructor evaluation on the IYT website and to understand how IYT delivers its courses.

We strive to get back to all School Applications within 5 business days