The IYT Standards

IYT Worldwide offers yacht training for powerboat and sailing vessels around the world. We have grown to become the International standard in maritime certification.

IYT has developed a modular format in maritime training. We offer a series of recreational nautical courses that are acceptable by major national registries and governments. We refer to our recreational series of courses as the "International Boating & Sailing Passport".


This idea has enabled us to successfully establish a network of partner schools offering IYT courses worldwide. The model has been enthusiastically embraced by a growing number of colleges, training establishments, countries and administrations.


Training Designed for You

IYT Worldwide courses are designed in a modular format. This allows the student the convenience of full time, evening or weekend participation. This is coupled with the ability to choose a convenient location for your practical exams at one of our IYT Schools.

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More Time Teaching on the Water

Our Goal at IYT Worldwide is to aid our schools and Instructors in the certification process. We understand that the best teaching environment is on the water so we tailor our courses for practical hands-on instruction. Our Instructors training system is based on International standards to ensure our partner schools provide the same level of training around the globe. Our IYT Instructors have teaching opportunities in over 56 countries.

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Our Schools Offer the Best Recreational Training Available

You see an IYT International Certificates of Competency (ICC) in every port around the world. We are the most recognized yachtsman certificate organization available. We offer training from entry level novice through to fully qualified professional yacht captains. When you become an IYT School you join the best yacht training brand in the business.

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Become a Partner School

We welcome your application and trust you will find working with our organisation and network of partner schools a wonderful and lucrative experience.

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