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Portugal approves IYT’s Yachtmaster Qualifications!

IYT is very proud to announce that Portugal is also recognizing IYT’s Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore and Powerboat Skipper qualifications in addition to the previously recognised  International Bareboat Skipper and Small Powerboat & RIB Master for use in their waters.  For those that wish to view the official government approval please see this document on their website

To locate the document please scroll down the page to this note and document link “Lista das categorias de cartas estrangeiras ou documentos equivalentes (títulos) passíveis de ser reconhecidas ao abrigo do n.º 3 do Art.º 39º ou passíveis de emissão de cartas de navegador de recreio emitidas com dispensa de exame ao abrigo do Art.º 38, nº 3”

Once again, IYT wishes to thank Ricardo Barradas, Principal of Algarve Cruising in Portugal, for his diligent work to procure these additional approvals to benefit IYT certificate holders wanting to sail in Portuguese waters!   

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