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New Card Design & Digital Signatures for ICC Certification

IYT is changing the design of all plastic/pvc credit card style certificates due to issues during the printing process.  We are removing the signature strip and hologram and will move towards digital signatures for the UNECE’s requirement of cardholder’s signature on the International Certificate of Competency (ICC).  We would also like to point out that the Maritime & Coastguard Agency of Great Britain (MCA) have also moved to digital signatures for the CoCs they issue.

As before, the student’s QR Code will be featured on the back of the card and allow the card authenticity to be confirmed online. We believe you will be pleased with the appearance of the new certificates.  This example shows an ICC with the addition of the candidate’s signature.  


The system will be configured to require a signature upload before we can process/print an ICC on February 1st.  This is an anticipated date and could be delayed while we test printers and new card stock. 

The signature upload is quite simple.  The candidate must sign in blue or black ink on a white piece of paper and take a photograph which they upload to their profile.  Full instructions are located here. These instructions are also available on on the “IYT Online System Tutorial” page.   

If you are a school holding courses for students to gain the ICC certificate, please make sure all candidates have completed this new signature addition to their profile before February 1st or our system will automatically reject the order and delay certification for the entire order.

If you are an ICC card holder wanting to renew your certificate when it expires, please make sure to update your profile with a signature so there are no delays with your renewal.

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