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IYT Worldwide Welcomes “La Mer et Nous”, our first partner school in Saint-Malo, France Offering Recreational Training!

IYT is very pleased to announce the appointment of “La Mer et Nous” as a training provider for our recreational sailing courses up to Yachtmaster Ocean in beautiful Saint-Malo, France.

“La Mer et Nous” provides practical classes in extreme tidal conditions: in their waters tides may reach 14 meters, and tidal currents may reach 10 knots. As people say, if you can sail in Saint-Malo, you can sail anywhere!

Owner and instructor, Lev Daichik, has a vast knowledge in the maritime industry and is a very experienced seaman and navigator. Please join him for training in beautiful Saint-Malo, France and you will have an experience of a lifetime!

For more information please visit their website or contact them at [email protected]

La Mer et Nous Facebook Page

La Mer et Nous Facebook Group

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