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IYT Worldwide Is Thrilled To Welcome “Red Oyster Yacht Club” as a new partner school offering IYT Recreational Sailing courses in Taiwan!

Red Oyster Yacht Club is located in the north east of Taiwan with the Pacific Ocean as their sailing area as well as the area near the “Turtle Island” which is 10 kilometers off the coast.  Among the island’s features are high cliffs, steaming fumaroles, mountain peaks, sea-eroded caves, and best of all, the famous “Milk Sea,” a spectacular phenomenon resulting from the combination of the cold seawater and the hot spring water from the seabed. “God has spilt the milk” is the phrase referring to this dreamlike scene.

The schools owner and instructor Allen Sheng, is a Yachtmaster Offshore licensed captain. He has been sailing and racing for over 12 years. Allen has great respect and passion for the ocean and is committed to his profession. Allen will devote as much time as possible to help anyone who wants to learn how to harness the power of the wind.

For more information about the sailing training offered at Red Oyster Yacht Club please visit their website:

Email: [email protected]

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