Red Sea Sails was founded by a group of friends who share the vision of building a sailing environment in the stunning Red Sea. A long time ago, sailboats shaped the history of the Red Sea. Today, replaced by motor vessels, sailboats are almost non-existent. Red Sea Sails recognizes the potentials of the ideal sailing conditions and the ecological benefits sailing will have on the Red Sea.

Red Sea Sails finds the Red Sea constant wind, all year-round temperate weather, rich marine life, magical desert coastline and nearby Egypt’s world-class archeological sites allow for an unforgettable sailing experience. It is a privilege to sail in the Red Sea.

Red Sea Sails mission is to make the Red Sea an accessible and inspirational sailing destination. Chartering sailboats, learning how to sail, facilitating yacht ownership and organizing sailing events are all part of Red Sea Sails services to make you experience the excitement and pleasure of sailing in the Red Sea.