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IYT is now offering a 3-4 hour “Try Sailing Course”

IYT is pleased to introduce a new 3-4 hour “Try Sailing” course aimed to provide candidates with basic introductory knowledge for crewing a vessel (monohull or catamaran) up to 15 meters in inland or coastal waters <5 miles offshore during daylight hours in moderate wind and sea conditions.  It’s a fun hands-on course to enjoy being on the water while learn basic sailing skills.

The course was developed on the suggestion of two IYT Partner Schools in Western Australia, Cape to Cape Adventure Sailing & Sailing Eventide.  We would like to thank Neville Price, owner of Sailing Eventide, for his input!  The idea for this course was born due to Covid-19 affecting travel; people are beginning to enjoy sports closer to home which they may not have otherwise engaged in. 

This is a basic course to introduce sailing to people who believe they might have an interest with no pressure.  No theory or final exams.  Candidates can enjoy a couple of hours on the water with a qualified instructor giving them basic knowledge to see if the enjoy the experience and potentially want to learn more about sailing.    

The course covers basic safety equipment, layout of vessel & basic deck equipment, how sails work and rigging, points of sail and basic sailing terms, basic handling skills, and very basic ropework. 

Students will receive a “Try Sailing Couse Completion Certificate” at the end of the course which will be issued by the school, not IYT.  There is no requirement for students to register for an IYT account ID#. 

Schools that want to offer this course should complete a School Upgrade Application and Instructor Upgrade Application. 

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