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Introducing IYT’s New “Yachtmaster Coastal & Offshore Sail – Catamaran” Course & Certification

We are very pleased to introduce our new “IYT Yachtmaster Coastal & Yachtmaster Offshore Sail Catamaran” recreational courses and certification.  As our partner school base has increased, we have realized the need for a course to train candidates to competently skipper a sailing catamaran up to 24 meters.  After the positive reaction to releasing the Flotilla/Bareboat Skipper Catamaran course and certification, we see the need to continue the catamaran qualification to higher qualifications in our recreational Yachtmaster programme. . 

Interested students may learn more about these courses on the course description pages here.

Interested instructors and/or schools may learn more about the requirements to train to this level on the school and instructor requirements pages of our site.    

We also encourage people to refer to our youtube videos on catamaran sail training.

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