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IYT Instructor Training Programme

In an effort to maintain our global standards, IYT has formalised its Instructor Training Programme or “Train the Trainer” Programme. Currently IYT has 8 partner schools approved to offer this training.

Instructor Training Course:

As noted on our main instructor page and on the “Get Certified” pages, we may require instructors to complete a 5 day instructor training course to verify their ability to effectively instruct students. We strongly recommend instructors go through the training process as it almost always guarantees your instructor application will be approved.

Our highly qualified instructor trainers are trained, approved and their courses overseen rigorously by several senior IYT representatives globally.  The course is aimed to improve the TEACHING skills of new or existing instructors who have boating skills and knowledge already in place. 

At the end of a course the school will order your “course completion certificate” which will state the level at which they believe you are capable of teaching IYT students. These certificates will not be physically mailed to you but will be visible on the IYT account ID profile. They are in pdf format designed for A4 paper size.       

To become an IYT Instructor at any level, instructors will then need to complete the IYT Instructor Application online uploading all the necessary qualifications, seatime, medical, etc. The application will also ask if you have completed instructor training course and what certificate number is displayed on your “course completion certificate”. IYT will make final determination of approval or disapproval as well as what level you are approved to teach. However, having the recommendation of a qualified IYT Instructor Trainer,  the application will more than likely be approved.

Course Entry Standard

  • The Candidate should be at least 18 years of age or over.
  • The Candidate is required to have passed the entire course at level for which he/she is requesting approval to teach. 
  • Before going on to complete the online IYT Instructor Application note the important additional seatime and other additional requirements detailed on the “Get Certified” page. 
  • IYT may accept qualifications issued by another authority in lieu of IYT certification.  These will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Instructor Training Centers

The IYT approved Instructor Training Centers will be shown on the school’s profile page, labeled as either:

  • IYT Recreational Training Provider and Instructor Training Center
  • IYT Recreational Training Center and Instructor Training Center
  • IYT Professional Training Center and Instructor Training Center

Instructor courses at the level schools have been given approval to teach will be visible under the “COURSES INFO” tab on their IYT school profile page.

Candidates should enroll for the Instructor Training Course directly with the school, not with IYT. 

The following IYT Partner Schools are approved Instructor Training Centers:

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