If you are a Professional Diving Student or are contemplating your schooling options, the IYT Diveboat Captain program is something to seriously consider.

Enhanced Employability

What is it that sets one resume apart from another? The IYT Diveboat Mate/Crew certification shows that the candidate has the accredited training necessary to properly crew, maintain, and coordinate the dive boats. As destinations, employers, insurance companies and regulatory bodies adopt the IYT Diveboat Captain credentials as the 'de-facto' standard of training and certification for who runs dive boats, graduates seeking employment will eventually be required to have this training.

Bridge Between Yachting and Diving

There are many employment options for this type of Diveboat certification - dive boat charters, resort with boats, dedicated diving liveaboards, superyacht crew and cruise ship crew. A new graduate can apply directly for dive/crew positions and obtain a seatime logbook. This will support your progress to a Diveboat Master certificate. Previously, working on deck had little opportunity for advancement.

Recognition and Increased Career Options

The IYT Diveboat Captain certifications contain Internationally Recognized Nautical Credentials. The training is similar to those offered at over 250 IYT yachting schools in over 40 countries. Now your time spent running diveboats can count towards higher credentials in the yachting industry.