Improving Standards benefits Everyone

Solution to Industry Regulation

Generally, Governments and Regulators are reluctant to introduce new competency and certification requirements unless they become a priority due to some sort of incident. It is always in the best interest to self-regulate before the government decides it needs to step in. The IYT Diveboat certifications provide an "off the shelf" low cost solution backed by industry leaders in IYT.


Destinations are always competing with each other and with the new information age, any positive or negative feedback is quickly spread. Tourism departments can differentiate themselves by promoting the safety and increased consumer protection provided by having accredited operators of diveboats.

Environmental Stewardship

Expanding on environmentally friendly practices in the overall operation of dive vessels protects the valuable underwater resources for a dive destination.

Recreational Divers

Utilizing diveboat operators with accredited training provides consumer confidence and protection. The IYT Diveboat certifications answer the question: "how qualified and safe is the captain and crew of this diveboat?"


For the insurance industry the introduction of the IYT Diveboat certifications provides three core benefits.

  1. It establishes the definition of a qualified dive vessel operator.
  2. Certificates of Competency, Quality Management and Control is administered by two ISO9001 companies authorized to do so.
  3. A definitive reduction in risk by requiring a diveboat operator to have formal qualifications.