Today's most successful professional diving schools are always looking ahead to improve their training programmes. Until now, there has never been a formally recognized international qualification for Diveboat Operators. There is a very real industry, insurance and regulatory demand for this standard of training to be adopted.

Enhanced Employability for Graduates

The success of a school is measured in the employability of it's graduates. The IYT Diveboat Captain certifications will have a very real short-term benefit to students, setting them apart from other graduates. In the future, as the industry moves towards making Diveboat Captain certification mandatory, schools that have had the foresight to incorporate this training early on will have a decided advantage. Dive centers with the appropriate staff, boats and infrastructure can expand their nautical offerings to other IYT programmes such as the recreational power and sailing courses, STCW95 and even Master Of Yachts 200 GT Coastal/Mate.

Competitive Advantage

Professional Diving Schools are consistently striving to differentiate themselves from other schools by offering their students the most comprehensive, cost effective and employment-ready training possible. A significant portion of the dive industry involves dive boats in some form or another so it is a natural fit to offer students formally recognized international qualifications for operating these vessels.