Opportunities exist for Diveboat Masters


Many Diveboat operators around the world have not had a standardized qualification for their crew or Skippers. Training was passed down from experienced staff to new staff but there was no "measuring stick" to compare the training of one operator versus another. Through the "Experienced Diveboat Operator" route, IYT has made it possible to achieve the Diveboat Mate/Crew Certification by taking into account the skills and experience of the operator.

Credit for Experience

Many diveboat operators have developed a high level of skill and competency but have nothing to show for it. The IYT Diveboat Captain program establishes and awards a level of competency by ensuring that all the necessary knowledge and practical abilities are met.

Seatime counts towards higher ratings

When the experienced operator completes the training and evaluation for a Diveboat level they receive a registered seatime logbook. As more charters and voyages are completed and logged, the Diveboat Captain moves towards satisfying the prerequisites for higher levels  such as the Diveboat Master/Master of Yachts 200 GT Coastal/Mate.