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IYT Commercial Tender License Course


IYT Commercial Tender License Course

This is a 2 day course to obtain a certificate of competency to command a tender (power vessel) up to 5 meters with maximum 40 HP.  This course was designed for the purpose of transporting people (divers) from shore to mother dive vessel, however, it is not limited to this purpose.  The objective of the course is for the student to develop the knowledge and skill sets to competently command a small power vessel up to 5 metres in length as described above.

 Certificate Limitations

  • Command of a vessel up to a maximum length of 5 metres with maximum 40 HP.
  • in coastal waters between mainland and mother vessel location.
  • in fair conditions with moderate wind and sea conditions

It is the level of competence required for transporting people (divers) from mainland shore to mother dive vessel in coastal waters in fair conditions. 


  • It is recommended (not mandatory) for candidates to hold a VHF certificate or complete the IYT VHF/SRC course and gain the certificate before proceeding to this level.
  • Obtain a First Aid Certificate.  This can be:
    • senior first aid as recognised under the national framework – Australia
    • STCW Elementary First Aid certificate
    • PADI EFR certificate
    • AMSA Senior First Aid certificate
    • Other Recognised First Aid certificates will be reviewed when submitted for acceptance.

The first aid certificate may be obtained prior to or following the tender course, however, final IYT Commercial Tender certification will not be produced until this certificate is presented.  

Note: The term Mother Vessel means a dive boat or commercial charter vessel or private superyacht.

Course Outline

The scope of this 2-day course is for the student to obtain the theory and practical knowledge required to safely and competently operate as skipper/captain with full understanding and application of:

  • Types of small powerboats
  • Inboard, outboard and jet drives
  • Steering, propellers, ventilation, cavitation
  • Launching
  • Stability
  • Equipment
  • Boat handling under power
  • Man-overboard procedures
  • Lost diver searching
  • Prop guards
  • Introduction to Height of tides and currents
  • Introduction to Maritime signal flags and distress signals
  • Introduction to Buoyage & collision regulations
  • Introduction to Navigation lights
  • Basic Meteorology

Entry Standard

The Candidate should be 16 years of age or over and preferably hold a VHF Radio Operators Certificate.

Next Steps

As a professional in the yachting industry you are required to update and learn new skills on a regular basis. As you move up the chain of command or look for new opportunities your qualifications are essential. Please make sure they do not expire.

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