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Dinghy Sailing Programme


Dinghy Sailing Programme

IYT Worldwide is pleased to offer a series of dinghy sail training courses for young sailors. The programme consists of four levels:

  • Bronze Level – Start Sailing
  • Silver Level – Safe Sailing
  • Gold Level – Independent Sailing
  • Platinum Level – Perfected Sailing

In addition to these four levels we will continue to expand the programme offering specialty sailing courses for high speed sailing and racing.

  • Bronze Level – Start Sailing

    This initial level is a five-day course/camp for children/juniors generally from ages seven to 12 who have never sailed before, which includes an introduction to the sailing skills and knowledge needed to get safely afloat under supervision. After completing this course the successful participant will be able to sail a boat competently in all possible directions in light winds. It introduces safe launching and recovery methods.

    Certification may be offered to successful candidates in two forms:

    • Paper certificates purchased by the school to be issued to candidates upon completion. In this instance we will not require student data to be returned to us and their data will not be maintained on our database and website.
    • Credit card style certificates purchased online by the school. This will require the student set up their profile including photograph. The candidate will receive this certificate after we have processed. They will also be able to access their certification records on our website. Temporary certificates may be handed to the students at the end of the course while they await final certification.
  • Silver Level – Safe Sailing

    Dinghy SailingThis is a two- to three-day course expanding on the training developed in the Bronze Level and includes the knowledge required to sail a boat independently. The course covers rigging, launching and the skills needed to allow the successful candidate to be able to sail confidently in all directions. After completing this course the successful participant will have capsize recovery and essential safety knowledge and be capable of sailing without an instructor on board in light winds.

  • Gold Level – Independent Sailing

    Dinghy SailingA three- to four-day course, which covers the more advanced skills and knowledge necessary to allow the successful participant to be capable of manoeuvring a dinghy in a seaman-like manner, to solve problems and handle a wide range of situations afloat in moderate conditions and to use a spinnaker. The emphasis is on increasing the self-reliance and decision making needed to sail independently, how to rig the boat, gybe and recover one type of spinnaker and to sail the best possible course downwind both as crew and helmsman.

  • Platinum Level – Perfected Sailing

    Dinghy SailingThis is a five- to six-day course focusing on navigation, club racing, and high-speed sailing. This level covers planning a day cruise, an introduction to the skills required to begin club racing, handling performance dinghies and maximum efficiency techniques for high-speed sailing.


Next Steps

As you advance and become more proficient as crew or skipper you take on bigger challenges that require proper training to ensure the safety of your family and friends. The bigger the boat or length of adventure the more training you require.

Most of us prefer to spend our time on the water and not in a classroom. To facilitate this, IYT has a series of E-learning courses available for the theoretical part of sail and powerboat training.

  1. Take one of our online (Elearning) courses for your next level of training.
  2. Plan your practical training at one of our many schools worldwide to earn your final qualification.
  3. Book in advance with your school as class sizes and availability may be limited.
  4. Review the IYT course progression details to learn about professional level courses.
  5. Spend time on the water and properly log your seatime.

The Boating Lifestyle is one of the most rewarding pursuits available. There is something physically and emotionally invigorating when you are offshore. To enjoy the experience fully you need the proper training & skills to be safe, prepared and command a vessel.

RecreationalStudent Information

Benefits Of An IYT Certification

IYT is the largest provider of crew and skipper certificates for the recreational yachting industry in the world. Learn more about the benefits of an IYT Certificate.

Certificate Renewal

For many IYT certificates, there is the need to re-qualify for your certificate every 3 to 5 years. This ensures that our certifications are meeting international standards.

IYT Yachting Passport

The IYT Passport is recognized in over 40 countries around the world and offers you an opportunity to study and train worldwide.

Course Progression

A beginner at sailing or operating a powerboat should be familiar with the training path that is available from IYT. Many recreational boaters progress to become crew on superyachts.

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