IYT Commercial Services


IYT Worldwide provides tactical training for Marine Police, Search and Rescue, Coastal Authorities  and commercial maritime operations.

IYT Commercial Maritime training works in conjunction with local governments and authorities to provide custom training and certification courses for operations in coastal waters.

Commercial Marine Services

Training Sectors

IYT Commercial Training provides certification for the following;

  • Marine Police
  • Navy
  • Border Security
  • National Guard
  • Naval Reserves
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • Naval Cadets
  • Search & Rescue
  • Special Forces
  • Fire Fighting Units
  • Fishery Protection
  • Port Authority

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Commercial Services

Tailored Commercial Maritime Solutions

As a world leader in powerboat, yacht and marine safety training IYT worldwide provides custom training solutions for Governments and local authorizes across the globe. Our courses are tailored for your specific needs and follow the highest industry standards. Approvals are available from over 15 Coast Guard and Government transportation authorities around the globe. We work closely with your regulatory bodies to provide training and certification for policing, search & rescue, Coastal security and port and marine operations.

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Marine Police Certification

Through our work with the Justice institute of BC we have created a unique Marine Police Certification course. This course provides specific training for the policing and security of marine operations and facilities in coastal waters. The course involves an intensive training program that builds on the following course curriculum.

  • Small Powerboat & RIB Master
  • Marine Communications (VHF –SRC)
  • General Engineering Knowledge (GEK)
  • Fast Rescue Boat
  • International Certificate of Competency (ICC)
  • Marine Police Powerboat Operator – Crew
  • Marine Police Powerboat Operator – Coxwain
  • Marine Police Powerboat Operator – Commander

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