All IYT Worldwide certificates, including instructor certificates, require renewal (revalidation) every five years.

Two of the most frequent questions we receive are "How do I replace a lost, stolen or damaged certificate?" and "How do i renew my certificate?"

You will find the instructions for renewing (revalidating) and obtaining a replacement (duplicate) below.


How to Renew or Replace your IYT Certificate

If you already have a profile registered in our system and can view your certificates online, please follow these directions:

  • Login and make sure all your profile information is up-to-date.
  • Under the Dashboard tab, click View My Profile.
  • Click on the Certificates tab to see your list of certificates.
  • Select each certificate you would like to revalidate by checking the box on the right, then click Revalidate.
  • Follow the prompts through to the payment process to complete your order.

*NOTE: For Master of Yachts and STCW certificates, you will be asked to upload documents required for those certificates. For information on documents needed, click here.

Please see information about Shipping & Handling below. If airmail is the chosen method of shipment and the package is lost you will be billed for the full cost of the replacement plus shipping

If your certificate does not have a QR code on back please follow this process:

For certificates issued before the implementation of our new system that do not contain a QR code on the back (generally all certificates issued prior to November 2013) please follow the process outlined below.  Your profile is likely in our system and we simply need to locate and give you access to it.

Contact us at [email protected]

  • State that you need to renew or replace your certificate
  • Include your email address
  • Attach a scanned copy or photo of the certificate you need to renew or replace if possible
  • State the name of certificate you need to renew or replace, I.e. International Bareboat Skipper Sail
  • We will verify the information for student name and certificate number
  • Once verified, we will provide your IYT ID number and a temporary password.
  • Please log in to your account on using the IYT ID number and temporary password.
  • Edit/Update your profile as necessary:
    • include an appropriate headshot profile photograph to be used on your certificate. IMPORTANT: This photo will be printed on your ID card. Make sure the photo is straight, bright, clear, contains your whole face and head, and does not have dark shadows. No hats or sunglasses. You may smile. 🙂
    • Confirm/correct gender, date of birth, country or birth, nationality, residency.
    • correct mailing address
    • upload scan of your government issued ID if for ICC or professional certificate or you may take a very clear photo to upload. Be sure the full page is visible as we must be able to clearly see your name, birthday, and photo.
  • Go to the "Dashboard" menu item then go to "View My Profile"
  • There will be a "certificates" tab where you can see your certificates and a box that allows you to "replace" and "revalidate" (or renew) the certificate. (see illustration above)
  • Please check the box beside the certificate you want to replace or revalidate and follow the prompts

*NOTE: For Master of Yachts and STCW certificates, you will be asked to upload required documents  For information on documents needed, click here.

Shipping & Delivery

Certificates will be processed and shipped only after payment has been received.

Please allow four weeks for processing. This does not include delivery time. Airmail can take weeks to reach final destination, if at all. We strongly discourage airmail and are not responsible for lost airmail shipments. If airmail is the chosen method of shipment and the package is lost, you will be billed for the full cost of the replacement plus shipping.


Revalidation Costs

See our full revalidation price list here: iytworldwide-revalidation-price-list-2016.PDF

Please be aware that late fees apply for Master of Yachts certificate revalidations:

  1. Up to 1 year out of date: a late penalty of $90.00 USD
  2. Up to 2 years out of date: a late penalty of $180.00 USD
  3. Over 2 years out of date:
    • Sit an oral examination at an IYT Worldwide-approved Master of Yachts school (subject to examiner costs). In the event of failing the oral, the candidate will be required to re-sit the theory course.
    • A late penalty of $270.00 USD
  4. Over 3 years out of date:
    • Practical and oral re-sit required for Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200gt and Limited certificates
    • Written exam re-sit required for Master of Yachts Unlimited

Why is renewal required?

As part of our Quality Management System, all command level certificate s are now required to be renewed just as one must renew a driver’s license, pilot’s license and passport.  Students are able to renew their certificates on our website.


Reasons to renew:

  1. Most IYT Worldwide certificates are mandated by various governments to be renewed every 5 years, therefore, it is a requirement that we must adhere to.
  2. Students can get updates on new rules or regulations that have come into place since they were certified.
  3. E-learning updates will be available through IYT online.
  4. Any change of address, e mail, ID number or other information can be amended when renewing.
  5. If a student does not renew we will assume that they are no longer active sailors and can be removed from our database.
  6. If a student has been involved in an accident due to their own fault or illegal behavior, we reserve the right not to renew their certificate.
  7. If a national government agency, marine police or administration has good reason for a candidate's certificate to be withdrawn or ask for it not to be renewed in the interests of public safety, IYT can do so at this time.