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Beware of False Certificates from a Particular School in Turkey

International Yacht Training Worldwide is a Federally registered Canadian Company (Nov 2007) and was originally founded by Capt. Mark Fry in the United States in December 2002. The company has been trading as IYT since its inception and IYT is a Registered Trademark of International Yacht Training Worldwide in many different countries.

It has been brought to our attention that a company called “International Yacht Training Academy” is also registered in Canada and trading as IYTA. This company is registered to a Mr. Jim (Cumhur) Gokova from Turkey and is not affiliated or associated with IYT Worldwide in any way. We believe Mr. Gokova is deliberately attempting to infringe on the good name and reputation of “International Yacht Training Worldwide” by issuing certificates in the name of his company “IYTA”. This is possibly because his previous company “International Sailing School” had its IYT Partner School status permanently withdrawn and Mr. Gokova also had his IYT instructor and examiner qualifications permanently withdrawn on September 12th 2011. Mr. Gokova was engaged in activities that were in serious breach of the legal terms of a contract between IYT Worldwide and Mr. Gokova.

Mr. Gokova is currently issuing boating qualifications( May 2015) in the name of “IYTA” and many students have contacted IYT head office here in Canada asking if they are genuine IYT Worldwide certificates which obviously they are not. This is causing unnecessary hardship and financial loss for students who spent their money assuming that they are getting a genuine IYT certificate from IYT Worldwide.

Please be advised that Mr. Jim (Cumhur) Gokova and his company International Yacht Training Academy (IYTA) have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with International Yacht Training Worldwide. Should you require any additional information concerning Mr. Jim Gokova or his company please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected] or +1 778 477 5668.

Capt. Mark Fry, Founder and CEO, IYT Worldwide

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